The other morning while I was making my delicious spinach, blueberry, and vanilla protein smoothie, I thought about how those ingredients are symbolic of my life. Every day the ingredients in my smoothie are a little bit different; just like the different stages of my life. There are certain ingredients, or interests and passions, that make up who I am. As I change and evolve, so do the ingredients. I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself through these “ingredients.”

When I was a kid my food blender wasn’t always full of fruits and vegetables; it consisted of ice cream, chocolate syrup and Oreo cookies. You know, a yummy milk shake! My life ingredients were my grade school friends, riding bikes, collecting baseball cards, and playing football & soccer.

When I was in my 20’s, my food ingredients were lime juice, tequila and triple sec; a margarita. (Yes, I liked to drink a little bit.) My life ingredients were a little more balanced though. I liked to party, but was still a responsible college student at the University of Idaho who later started a career as a Videographer and TV News Producer. I even DJ’d part time at local clubs, traveled to Europe with my wife and loved to golf. I simply enjoyed life.

Now, I’m in my mid 30’s. My food ingredients consist of more fruits and veggies… and A LOT LESS ALCOHOL. My life ingredients have three key components: Family, Boise DJ career, and Health.

My first ingredient is my FAMILY:

My beautiful wife Joely, whom I’ve been married to for 7 years, my adorable daughter Finley, and our latest bundle of joy, Asher. I wouldn’t be who I am today without these three.

Joely, Finley, Asher
Mi Familia.

My second life ingredient is my DJ CAREER:

I mentioned that I was a full-time TV News Producer and a part-time DJ. That all changed in 2011 when the news station I worked for laid off the entire news staff. I was working on a sinking ship. Fortunately for me, I had a plan. I wanted out of news and was ready to create my own path and follow my dream. That’s when I started my mobile DJ company, Rhodes Entertainment. Mixing music and MCing for people is my passion. Now, instead of sitting in front of a desk all day, I get to stand in front of my turntables on the weekends. I get to work at weddings, private events and mix regularly at upscale venues like Barbacoa and The Owyhee in Boise, ID. I absolutely love it!

DJ Eric Rhodes at Teri & Kevin's Wedding
Working behind the turntables at The Linen Building.

My third life ingredient is my HEALTH:

I mentioned earlier that I used to party a lot. I was also a smoker for 13 years. (No one ever believes me when I tell them.) In 2009 I kicked that habit and turned my life around. I started exercising and eating right daily. I went from double cheeseburgers to cottage cheese and pineapple, and basically never looked back. I workout at the YMCA on a regular basis and have participated in events like “The Race to Robie Creek,” a brutal 13-mile run that feels like it’s uphill both ways. I never would’ve imagined doing that 10 years ago. Now, I look forward to taking on a triathlon one of these days. When I do, I’ll have my wife and kids to support me and a DJ mix in my ears to motivate me.

The shoes that got me through "Robie Creek."
The shoes that got me through “Robie Creek.”

Who knows what the rest of my future holds. No matter what, I definitely look forward to adding and modifying my life ingredients as each new stage of my life approaches.