Mike & Colleen’s Bridge Event Center wedding on May 18, 2019 was an amazing spring celebration! Their ceremony and reception all took place at the same location, which is a hidden gem in the heart of our city (check out some of the images below by photographer BK Kloomer). From the romantic and classy outdoor ceremony to the epic Father-Daughter Dance to the wild dance party, this wedding reception was anything but boring!


Bridge Event Center Wedding, Photo Courtesy: BK Kloomer

Colleen and Mike asked us to provide microphones and music for their ceremony. I used two lapel “clip on” mics; one for the officiant and one for Mike. These picked up Colleen’s voice as well so all of their guests could hear their vows loud and clear.

Musically, they asked that I focus on playing mellow Texas Red Dirt Country music. This style fit their personal tastes and really set the tone for the ceremony. Here is the list of music they chose for the Processional & Recessional:


The rest of the evening took place in the courtyard of the Bridge Event Center. The weather was perfect and I focused on playing more upbeat Red Dirt Country music while guests enjoyed a cocktail hour and dinner.

We kicked off the second portion of the reception with heartfelt toasts and dances. The big highlight was Colleen and her father’s Father-Daughter Dance. They choreographed the entire dance to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” This was highly entertaining and so much fun to see a Dad and his daughter have a blast like this on her wedding day.

The rest of the night was full of dancing and what appeared to be great conversations. We had a fun group who liked to get a little crazy, which always makes my job that much better! (Check out the pics below)

All in all, Mike and Colleen’s day was picture perfect and an amazing way to spend a spring evening. I’m truly honored to have been part of their day and I wish nothing but the best for this smart, interesting and caring couple.

Eric Rhodes

What Mike & Colleen Had To Say:

Mike & Colleen’s Bridge Event Center Wedding Photos

(Courtesy of BK Kloomer)

DJ Eric Rhodes with Rhodes Entertainment

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