Looking for a winning combination for a successful wedding? Search no further than Graham and Lindsey’s McCall Wedding; European-style.

This couple is one of the coolest I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Graham and Lindsey are from the States, but currently live and work in Italy. The European culture they reside in definitely had an influence on their wedding, which made the reception unique in many ways. I’ll quickly break down the flow of their reception and describe how the perfect setting combined with a unique timeline and a great group of guests can make for a memorable reception.

McCall Wedding Dj, Boise Wedding DJ McCall Wedding DJ, Boise Wedding DJ

Whenever I get the chance to DJ & MC a McCall wedding I know it’s going to be great; especially if it’s at a beautiful outdoor venue like this one. This was ABSOLUTELY the case for Graham and Lindsey’s wedding in July at the exclusive Findlay Ranch. (From what I understand this private residence is seldom used for weddings, but when a couple does get the opportunity they’re really in for a treat.) The landscape near the base of Jug Mountain is some of the best scenery in the state of Idaho. A perfect setting for this day.

McCall Wedding DJ, Boise Wedding DJ McCall Wedding DJ, Boise Wedding DJ

The reception kicked off with a Cocktail Hour while Graham and Lindsey were taking pictures with the talented Adelaide Joyce Photography (who is responsible for all of the wonderful images in this post). They offered their guests a specialty Italian Spritz cocktail unique to Italy. It was a delicious and creative way for the couple to express their style and tastes while they were away.

McCall Wedding DJ, Boise Wedding DJ

Once we introduced our newlyweds into the reception it was time to start dinner. It was family-style and Emcee’d by Lindsey’s brothers; a common tradition in some European countries. The dinner’s basic format lasted about two hours and consisted of several courses with different types of entertainment throughout. While guests were eating, the brothers entertained the crowd by playing The Newlywed Game, coordinating toasts and more. The food was delicious, but those two hours were less about the food and more about bringing everyone together to laugh and simply enjoy each others company. You could tell that the Graham, Lindsey and all of their guests had a great time. Honestly, I’d like to see more people adopt this style of dinner. It was very memorable.


(I should also mention that the bar, tables, reception decor and food were all provided by the hard-working and talented McCall Weddings, DeLish Catering and McCall Party Rentals. As you can see in the photos, they did a fantastic job making all of this come to life!)


McCall Wedding DJ, Boise Wedding DJ

Once dinner was finished, we kicked off the traditional formalities like Cake Cutting and Special Dances. All of these took place at dusk, which made for a cool setting with the overhead bistro lights above the dance floor. The timing of this lighting change made for a natural transition to “party time; my favorite part of the night :-)

Once dancing got underway there was no stopping this crowd. They were ready to celebrate and it showed. The next two hours were filled with line dances (Cupid Shuffle, Thriller, etc.), dance circles, conga lines and even a family tradition of “Gatoring;” a style of dancing where you flop around the ground. It’s hilarious. (Check out the end of this clip from the movie “Animal House” to see what I’m talking about.) I also mixed in a variety of genres including Top 40, Disco, Funk and more. It was a blast!


After 3 hours of non-stop dancing it was finally time to wind things down. I wanted to go in for a smooth landing, so I played a couple of upbeat sing-along songs then ended with Garth Brooks “Friends In Low Places.” It was the perfect ending to an unforgettable day.

Graham and Lindsey’s McCall wedding reception was one that I’m sure their friends and family will remember forever. From the gorgeous scenery to the entertaining dinner to the epic dance party there was never a dull moment. Days like this are the reason I love my job.

Graham and Lindsey, you rock! Thank you for choosing my as your DJ for this monumental day!

~ DJ Eric Rhodes

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