You spend a year or more planning it. Thousands of dollars are invested in it. Hundreds of people have their expectations set high for it. Don’t let some DJ mishaps derail your wedding day.

Here are four wedding disasters to avoid simply by asking the right questions when choosing your DJ.

1. Equipment Failure

This has been known to happen once in a while, even to the best of us. Granted, the more experienced and well-equipped the DJ is, the less likely it will. So, what happens when the DJs computer crashes, or their speakers stop working? Did they bring backup equipment to handle the situation? Make sure your entertainer is prepared to handle these types of situations. Don’t just take their word for it. Make sure it’s in their contract.

2. The DJ Is Terrible On The Microphone

In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than a DJ who talks to much or can’t be heard on the microphone. What happens if your DJ fumbles over his words or worse yet, says your new last name wrong? What if the guests can’t hear a word he/she is saying when it’s time to announce your Grand Entrance? That one really special occasion just turned into a ho-hum moment that half of your guests missed. Don’t let that happen. Ask your potential DJ to demonstrate some announcements during the interview process. Then you’ll know for sure if that person has what it takes.

3. Nobody Is Dancing

This drives us crazy! The DJs job is to get everyone dancing right? You’d be surprised by how many times we’ve heard from brides (who were not our clients) that nobody danced at their wedding. Find out what strategies your DJ has to get people dancing. Not every crowd is the same, so make sure they are prepared for anything.

4. My DJ Cancelled At The Last Minute – Or – My DJ Was Late

This is a big no-no for obvious reasons. We’ve received calls from brides frantically trying to find a DJ at the last minute because theirs cancelled for whatever reason. What a shame. Some DJs are also known for showing up late. You don’t want your entertainer scrambling around trying to get everything plugged in at the last minute. It’s unprofessional, distracting and creates unwanted anxiety. Find out what protection you have against these situations. Is there a backup DJ available should something go wrong? Do they have a guaranteed arrival time written in the contract? Sometimes DJs are single-operational, meaning they don’t have a team of DJs to go to for backup. Find out if they have a strong network of other companies in which they can tap into if needed. For example, I used to be a solo DJ, but was friends with multiple companies who would have my back should I end up in the hospital.

The chances of one or all of these things happening are slim, but they DO happen. Asking the right questions and taking proper precautions can help give you peace of mind that everything will work out on your wedding day.

~ DJ Eric Rhodes

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