What a great Halloween weekend! I had the pleasure of DJing two events; one in Boise and one in Twin Falls. Both of them were as fun as I expected.

The first one in Boise was on Friday night at The Owyhee Penthouse. There was a ton of really creative costumes, lots of dancing and cool giveaways. At one point we even had a dance-off to decide who got a free party in the Penthouse put on by the restaurant Kindness. It was tough to decide because everyone brought their best dance moves.

Courtesy: GetOutLocal.com
Courtesy: GetOutLocal.com


The second one in Twin Falls was on the actual Halloween holiday. It was a private party held at the event center next to Slice downtown. The theme was “Day of the Dead.” Once again, lots of dancing and great costumes. I’m not much of an artist, but I did my best sugar skull. I think it turned out okay!

Halloween 3

Weekends like this one are what make my job so rewarding. It was nothing but good times and great energy. I can’t wait to be a Halloween DJ again next year!

~ Eric

P.S. Be sure to check www.GoOutLocal.com for more images from The Penthouse Party.