Hey there! This is Eric Rhodes, the premier Boise Wedding DJ. I am also the owner and lead DJ at Rhodes Entertainment. Plain and simple, I LOVE what I do. I love the music. I love entertaining. And I really love the clients that I get to work with. DJing is my full-time job…well, if you want to call it a job; and I love it!

Why I Love It

I get to take my client’s vision and turn it into a reality. From the moment the guests arrive until the last song ends and their friends and family are seeing them off, I strive to make every moment throughout that day PERFECT!

More Than Just Music

DJing is more than just music. For us, my DJs and I, it’s about an experience. It’s about creating MEMORIES for our clients. Our ultimate goal is to have everyone saying that was the BEST wedding they’ve ever been to…ten years from now!

More Than Just A Party

Our motto is “Give Your Wedding The Party It Deserves,” but ultimately it’s more than just a party; it’s about paying attention to every detail throughout the entire wedding and making sure that it comes together. It’s not going to be your average wedding!

Check out the video to see for yourself:

I hope you enjoyed our latest Boise Wedding DJ video. Feel free to reach out to learn more about our DJ, MC and Lighting services:


~ Eric

DJ Eric Rhodes with Rhodes Entertainment

Eric Rhodes is the CEO/Owner of Rhodes Entertainment in Boise, ID. Eric has always had a passion for entertaining people through music. He officially started mixing records at the University of Idaho in 1999. After college Eric moved to Boise where he started making a name for himself in the local music/club scene with his unique sets of House, Indie and Hip-Hop tracks. He started his business in 2011 after realizing that his career in TV news just wasn’t for him. Since then, Eric has been following his dream by building his mobile DJ Company.

Aside from music, Eric has a passion for fitness, personal development and, most importantly, raising his young family. He is the current President of his local Toastmasters Club and President of the Idaho Event Professionals group.