Confetti cannons! Flashing lights! High-energy music! Hundreds of kids dancing their hearts out! This was the Boise State Dance Marathon 2017!

I had the honor of DJing the “Rave Hour” portion of this event which raised more than $150,000 for St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital. It was epic! Check out the following clip and highlight video to see what I mean:

 (*Highlight video produced by DFM Productions.)

What is the Boise State Dance Marathon?

The 17-hour-long dance marathon is held every year to raise funds for St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital, a Children’s Miracle Network. One of their mottos is “We dance for those who can’t.”

Hundreds of students stand on their feet for seventeen hours to show their dedication to the children, families, and hospitals they support. At this event, hundreds of individuals and groups from campus and the community come together to raise awareness about Children’s Miracle Network. Dancers are challenged mentally and physically at the dance marathon. They gain perspective of the even greater challenges and obstacles facing the children we support.

What was my role?

Several hours on their feet. These kids start to get tired. This is where I, the DJ comes in. Throughout most of the night, the music is a pre-produced playlist; meaning no DJ. I was asked to come in at 1:00 AM to mix a nearly 2-hour set of high-energy dance music to get these kids energize and fired up again. From my perspective, I didn’t disappoint.


Here are the first 30 minutes of my DJ set for the Boise State Dance Marathon. It’s pretty hype and works great for dancing and cardio workouts. Take a listen!

This night was everything I had hoped it would be and I’m very thankful to have been part of it. Until next year…

~ DJ Eric Rhodes