Spectacular view. Delicious food and drinks. Fun party atmosphere. A unique Boise experience.

This is a great way to describe the Boise parties at Kindness every Wednesday this summer. Kindness is a local spot that has taken over part of the newly renovated building in downtown Boise called The Owyhee. Kindness has three locations in that building. First, is the restaurant, bar and lounge on the main floor. Next, is the ballroom on the second floor in which they host private events and weddings. Last, is the swanky 7th floor Penthouse which also hosts private events, but is occasionally open to the public. That’s where the parties take place.

This summer the Penthouse was open to the public every Wednesday night from 7-10pm. They offered a full bar, appetizers and live music or DJ (yours truly). The place was packed nearly every night. With it’s L-shaped patio and large windows displaying a gorgeous view of downtown Boise, it’s hard to deny that it’s one of the more unique hangouts in the city.

The summer ended and there was still demand for the The Owyhee Penthouse to be open to the public. The folks at Kindness reacted quickly by featuring what they call “Penthouse Pop Ups.” These are random weekly events in which they’ll open up the swank to the public. Once again, they’ll have a full bar, appetizers, a gorgeous view of downtown Boise and Rhodes Entertainment as the select DJ’s. It will be two of the best Boise DJ’s: myself (DJ Eric Rhodes) and Travis Powell on any given night.

Kindness Penthouse Pop Up Flyer

I’m very excited to kick it off this Friday night (October 9, 2015). It will be the first of many and I have a feeling they will be wildly popular. Stay tuned as we will be keeping you updated on the dates of each and every Penthouse Pop Up. Follow these links to stay in the know:

Kindness on Facebook

Rhodes Entertainment on Facebook

DJ Eric Rhodes on Facebook

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