It’s #FeelGoodFriday and I couldn’t be more excited to release my latest DJ mix, the 90s Mixtape!! From Coolio to Kris Kross to Mariah Carey and TLC, this track selection is on point. It’s playful & fun and will have you reminiscing about how life was back in the day.


I love the 90s. It’s my era. I’m approaching my 20-year class reunion and felt motivated to make a DJ mix that took me back to those days. I used to make mixtapes in Jr. High and High School, but they were simply recordings of one song after another. Now that I’m a skilled and veteran DJ I wanted to take those old school mix tapes to another level…


I was so antsy to post this mix that I just had to share it on social media a couple days early. As soon as I did, the praises came rolling in. Now, I put these “Feel Good Friday” mixes together for fun, so it’s humbling to know that people appreciate my work. Here’s what a few peeps had to say:

“Great flow & song choices. LOVE IT”

“I listened to it 3 times at work today! Awesome!”

“For anyone who gets down with some 90’s jams, this mix will blow your sox off! Seriously Eric, you killed it! Thanks for providing the motivation to run on this beautiful spring evening.”

“I started listening to this around noon and it improved my afternoon by a million.”


It’s time to hear the DJ mix for yourself. Kick back and take a ride on a fantastic voyage through the 90s…

~ DJ Eric Rhodes