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“We have no idea how to pick the songs for walking down the aisle. Do you have any suggestions?”

I get this question quite a bit from couples I work with and it makes sense. Finding the perfect wedding processional songs for you and your wedding party can be a daunting task and there’s no easy guide to help you.

Here are some things to think about and a couple of ideas to help you get started:

Wedding Ceremony Processional Song Tips

Boise Wedding DJ, Sun Valley Club Wedding, Rhodes Entertainment


1. Think about the style of music you like – Are classic piano and violin more your style? Do you love acoustic guitar, pop music or classic rock? Consider the kind of feel and vibe you’re going for.

2. Are you more concerned about the vocal message of a song, or is it more about the instrumentation and how it makes someone feel? Some people connect deeply with lyrics while others simply love how a song makes them feel.

3. One of my favorite resources for finding music is Spotify. Search for playlists about classic love songs, or classic rock love songs, or romantic guitar instrumentals. Take some time to listen to them to see if they connect with you. Even search for “Processional Songs” and you’ll find popular song ideas.

4. I love when the bride’s song has a dramatic introduction or pause before she appears to the crowd. Something like a 10-20 second instrumental before the lyrics start. Keeping your guests waiting in anticipation for your arrival down the aisle can make for a really cool moment.

5. Covers of classic hits are a huge thing right now and for good reason. They have the same feel as the original, but with a modern twist. Using one of those songs can make your ceremony processional more unique for sure.

These are just a few tips and ideas to think about as you choose your processional songs. I hope you find them useful.

I also have a great resource to get you started on your journey. It’s not original to me, but send me an email ( and I’ll share the link with you.


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Eric Rhodes is the owner and lead DJ at Rhodes Entertainment in Boise, ID. Eric has always had a passion for entertaining people through music. He officially started mixing records at the University of Idaho in 1999. After college Eric moved to Boise where he started making a name for himself in the local music/club scene with his unique sets of House, Indie and Hip-Hop tracks. He started his business in 2011 after realizing that his career in TV news just wasn’t for him. Since then, Eric has been following his dream by building his event DJ Company.

Aside from music, Eric has a passion for fitness, personal development and, most importantly, raising his young family. He is a member of the North American Collective of MCs and Entertainment Designers (NAC), the former President of his local Toastmasters Club and former President of Idaho Event Professionals.