Are you experienced? Is this a full-time job for you?

Our DJ’s have more than a decade of mixing and wedding experience. For our Owner/DJ Eric Rhodes, this is his full-time job. He his passionate about what he does and always strives to make every event flawless. Some of our DJ’s do work other jobs , but understand the quality of service Rhodes Entertainment aims to provide. Trust that when you hire a Rhodes Entertainment DJ, you’re in the hands of a professional who always has your best interests in mind.

“I have known Eric for a long time and he has such a talent and passion for his job! We would recommend him to any and everyone!!! ~Holly

Do you mix the music?

Yes! All of our DJ’s have a background in mixing at clubs and parties. (Owner/DJ Eric Rhodes currently DJ’s at Barbacoa in Boise, so his mixing ability and taste in music is always fresh and up-to-date.) We know how to create seamless transitions between songs to prevent dull moments on the dance floor. Many people don’t like when a song ends abruptly or there’s a long pause between tracks. That’s a sure fire way to lose a full dance floor. You won’t get that with us!

“Our reception was scheduled to end at 10 p.m., but everyone was having so much fun and the dance floor was so packed, we extended his services for two more hours!” ~Megan

“It has been over 4 months and people are still talking about how perfect the variety of Eric’s music was and how much fun they had dancing! He worked from 4:45pm until 1:30am with us and kept the party going the entire time!” ~Sunny

Do you make announcements? Are you comfortable on the microphone?

Absolutely! Getting on a microphone in front of dozens and even hundreds of people can be scary and intimidating to a lot of people. Not every DJ can do it. Some of our DJ’s are naturals at it, while others have taken, or are currently taking classes like Toastmasters to improve their skills. Either way, we promise you that we will execute your announcements with grace and confidence.

“Eric was amazing. His services go beyond DJ, since he also did a great job of driving the party and moving things along.” ~Bri

Have you played at our venue before?

We’ve had the pleasure of working at many of the Treasure Valley’s finest venues. Although, if we haven’t been there before, we always make a special trip to the site before your wedding date to meet the Event Site Coordinator and look over the space and floor plan.

“He was very professional and was willing to come all the way out to our venue to check out the space and give us an idea of where everything should go.” ~Samantha

Is setup/breakdown of the equipment included in the price?

Yes, we never charge extra for setting up or breaking down the equipment. The clock starts when the first song is played and ends when the last song is over.

How involved are you with the planning process?

As much as you’d like us to be. Once you sign the contract, we are all yours! We’ll answer any questions you have to the best of our ability, and will offer any advice that you’d like us to give. We’ve been doing this for a while and have seen what works and what doesn’t work at weddings, so our input can be valuable.

“Eric was one of my wedding experts. He was always willing to listen to my questions and provide advice and feedback. I couldn’t have planned my wedding without his help.” ~Carly