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‘Rooftop Summer Vibes’ DJ Mix

I made it a goal earlier this year to release one new DJ mix every month for 12 months. (It has to be well thought out. Not some recording from a random party.) I’m halfway there at number six with my Feel Good Friday Vol. 12 (Rooftop Summer Vibes) mix! About The Rooftop Summer Vibes Mix This […]


For DJs: DJ Mix Tips – Beats, Bars & Phrases

Here is my first article in a series I call “DJ Mix Tips.” I wrote it for Mobile Beat‘s website, a worldwide DJ industry magazine. Check it out: If you’re just starting out as a DJ or want to revisit the basics, then this post will get you on the right track to understanding the music […]


Wedding Dance Party DJ Mix

One of my favorite parts of a wedding reception (if not THE favorite part) is the wedding dance party. Just liked I’ve mentioned in a previous post about getting your guests on the dance floor, no two dance parties are created equal. Each wedding reception, or any party for that matter, has its own personality. My […]


Spotify Playlist: Feel Good Anytime, Anywhere

A friend of mine recently asked if I could put a Spotify playlist together for him. He was hosting a small party at Julia Davis Park in Boise, ID for an organization he’s part of. His guests consisted of families, young couples, older couples and so on. He’s not a DJ, couldn’t hire one and had no idea how […]


FAQ of the Week: “How Will You Get Our Guests Dancing?”

A question I frequently hear is “How will you get our guests dancing?” My answer? With music of course! Next question… Just kidding 🙂 This is actually a wonderful topic. You spend a lot of time and money planning your event. Your guests are taking valuable time out of their busy lives to celebrate with you. You need […]


90’s DJ Mix In Full Effect

“FEEL GOOD FRIDAY” DJ MIX VOL. 9 It’s #FeelGoodFriday and I couldn’t be more excited to release my latest DJ mix, the 90s Mixtape!! From Coolio to Kris Kross to Mariah Carey and TLC, this track selection is on point. It’s playful & fun and will have you reminiscing about how life was back in the […]


Learn More About Rhodes

THANK YOU so much for taking the time to check out my website. I know your event is a big deal and it truly means a lot that you would consider me (or one of my other talented DJs) to be in charge of the entertainment on your special day. My name is Eric Rhodes, […]


“Feel Good Friday” DJ Mix Vol. 5

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re feeling good! I just released my fifth DJ mix in the “Feel Good Friday” series. It’s high-energy and lots of fun. Perfect for a 30 minute workout or getting you pumped up for the weekend. I’ll be releasing a new mix every month so be sure to follow me […]


“Feel Good Friday Vol. 4” OUT NOW!

It’s that time again! My new “Feel Good Friday” mix is out and this time I focused on making a fun playlist for the gym. I love to workout. Whether it’s hitting the weights, going for a run, or doing some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), I’m all about it. So I picked some music […]


Top Wedding Ceremony Songs For 2015

Having a hard time deciding on which song you are going to walk down the aisle to? What song is the Bridal Party going to walk to? Choosing this music can be tough, but I’m here to help. Now that my busy wedding season is over, I thought it’d be a great time for a […]