Cavener-Casper Wedding Reception 06/02/2012

Wow, I can’t believe how fast this summer flew by! It was a busy, yet exciting one for this DJ. One of my first weddings of the season was at The Clubhouse Event Center in Boise for Luke Cavener and Adrean Casper. With their son Gunner, this trio makes a really cool family. I could […]


Music Buying Nostalgia

So I’m prepping for my first wedding gig of the season and decided I need to expand my music library a bit. I could use some more country and classic wedding ceremony songs. (You can never have enough music as a DJ.) Normally I would go online to Amazon or iTunes for these type of […]


Thumpin’ House Mix by DJ Eric Rhodes for Radio Boise

Here’s a Funky/Electro House mix I made for a Radio Boise show (89.9 KRBX – The Art of House w/DJ Nate).  I really like the track selection.  My mixing could’ve been a little cleaner, but whatever it’s a fun listen!  Enjoy! Click here for track list.


“It’s the freakin’ weekend baby. I’m about to have me some fun.”

Yes, that is an R. Kelly quote. It’s kind of a cheesy title to my post, I know. But honestly, it’s the truth. This week has flown by and I’m ready to spin some tracks! With being a stay at home dad in the mornings, prepping for all the cool gigs I have coming up […]


Exciting Month For A DJ!

Hey all, we’re only 6 days into March and it’s already shaping up to be a great month. So far, I’ve DJ’d a fun night at China Blue’s private club ElectroLounge, and solidified a couple of spring and summer weddings. I have to say the couple’s I’ve been meeting with have been so cool. It […]


Band Gear Can Really Hurt A Dance Floor…

  I was just starting my DJ set at Neurolux Saturday night when the headlining band I was following decided to put a bunch of their gear onto the dance floor. “Aaaahhh, what are you doing!” I thought. When I DJ after a band I try to get people on the dance floor right away. […]


Top 40 Mini-Mix (Electro Lounge 12.03.2011)

This was a fun night! It was Boise State’s last football game of the regular season, so many of the Senior players and their friends were out. There were also a bunch of parties, so the energy was high. This a little taste from that DJ set. I mixed a lot of Top 40, Top […]