Living Debt-Free

If you don’t mind, I’d like to break out of the DJ & events mold for just a moment. This is a more personal post and I couldn’t be happier to share my news. My wife Joely and I are savoring sweet victory over a debt ridden past that has haunted us for years. As of […]


Katy & Rob’s Boise Depot Wedding

Katy & Rob had a remarkably fun Boise Depot wedding on September 16, 2017. They’re an amazing couple whom I’ve gotten to know on a personal level throughout the planning process. My assistant Marcos and I were honored to have been a part of their big day that included a beautiful outdoor ceremony, fun music and LOTS […]


A Winter Wedding With Heather Sali Photography

Madison & Tyler’s Winter Wedding A winter wedding can be so unique! I love them! With snow just around the corner, I thought it’d be fun to look back at Madison & Tyler’s winter wonderland wedding that we did in January at the beautiful Still Water Hollow in Nampa, ID. This features the images from the super […]


FAQ of the Week: What’s A Good Father-Daughter Dance Song?

A question I often get asked is “What’s a good Father-Daughter Dance song?” I have a sweet, smart and beautiful 6-year-old daughter. I’m also a bit of a softie. Whenever I witness a Father-Daughter Dance I can’t help but smile and think of the day I’ll be dancing with Finley at her wedding. With that said, […]


FAQ of the Week : Do You Provide Wireless Microphones For The Ceremony?

The easy answer is yes! Check out the information below to see why these wireless microphones can help create some of the best memories for your guests… What Did She Say?! Have you ever been to a wedding ceremony and can’t hear a word ANYONE is saying, especially the bride?! Or maybe you’ve been to a […]


Wedding DJ In Boise – A 5-Star Review

I’m a wedding DJ in Boise, Idaho. I LOVE what I do! Making sure I get a 5-star review from every event I perform at is my ultimate goal. Why? Because that kind of review means I EXCEEDED my client’s expectations, which means their event was a SUCCESS. A 5-star review = a WIN for my clients! Here’s the […]


‘Rooftop Summer Vibes’ DJ Mix

I made it a goal earlier this year to release one new DJ mix every month for 12 months. (It has to be well thought out. Not some recording from a random party.) I’m halfway there at number six with my Feel Good Friday Vol. 12 (Rooftop Summer Vibes) mix! About The Rooftop Summer Vibes Mix This […]


For DJs: DJ Mix Tips – Beats, Bars & Phrases

Here is my first article in a series I call “DJ Mix Tips.” I wrote it for Mobile Beat‘s website, a worldwide DJ industry magazine. Check it out: If you’re just starting out as a DJ or want to revisit the basics, then this post will get you on the right track to understanding the music […]


Wedding Dance Party DJ Mix

One of my favorite parts of a wedding reception (if not THE favorite part) is the wedding dance party. Just liked I’ve mentioned in a previous post about getting your guests on the dance floor, no two dance parties are created equal. Each wedding reception, or any party for that matter, has its own personality. My […]


Spotify Playlist: Feel Good Anytime, Anywhere

A friend of mine recently asked if I could put a Spotify playlist together for him. He was hosting a small party at Julia Davis Park in Boise, ID for an organization he’s part of. His guests consisted of families, young couples, older couples and so on. He’s not a DJ, couldn’t hire one and had no idea how […]